Week of January 23, 2012

Hi to all,

This will be another exciting week at Sutton Middle School.  I am dropping in 0n all classes to ensure that students are not missing any instruction and are able to move forward with each day’s task.  Mr. Osborn will continue to sub in my classes, hopefully we will have a new teacher soon.

Thanks parents for all your support, as I continue to support your student to success.

Week of 01/16/2012

Hi All,

I am still doing the lesson planning for the classes.  I have moved into my new position, but I do drop in to check on the status of the students and their progress.  If you need to speak to me I can be reached at 404-802-5606.  I have started to post grades for the second semester, so go to parent portal to keep up with your child’s progress.

We are headed to the spring where things will heat up and get more intense so remind your student to keep focus and remember their goal is to obtain the best quality education possible.



Week of 01/09/2012

Hi to all,

Some of you may have heard that I am now the new Instructional Coach at Sutton Middle School so I will no longer be your child’s Science teacher.  Don’t worry I will still be in the building over seeing what is happening in the classes.  There will be a sub there for this week, Mr. Osborne, he is experienced and he will carry on the lesson plans I will be providing him so that the students do not fall behind.  Therefore as you will note, I am still posting to this blog to keep you informed.   I will also go in and provide mini instructional sessions to answer any questions the students will have until we get a new Science teacher in the coming week.

Thanks so much for your support, your child will not  go without instruction.

If you have any concerns email me at bbieniemy@atlanata.k12.ga.us or call me at 404-802-5600

Week of 01/04/2012

WELCOME BACK!!!!  It is a new year and we are moving into new things. 

First semester has ended and report cards will be coming out soon.  There are two more quaters left to the school year, this is the time to begin moving forward. 

Students it is important to foucus on what is being presented in class and the review of material. 

Homework is a must so that you can review what is happening in class.

Here is the information for the online textbook again (both 6th and 7th grades)

For all who have not logged into the online textbook here are the codes for each grade level and the site is www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

6th Grade Code: 12034F2B99DF05C30180

7th Grade Code: 3128C8D76901A24D443C

eScience3000.com is also avaliable for use in the review process.  (all students have their log on inforamtion)

Students will also have access to Study Island to help review material.   

Other review information will be coming, don’t wait until the last day, start to review material now. 



Week of 12/19/2011

This week is a very short week, we only have to complete Monday and Tuesday and we are off f0r winter break. 

Monday, both 6th and 7th graders will be watching Neno which is part of both curriculums. 

6th grade will be having a celebration of learning on Tuesday starting at 1:00, any interested parents can donate to the celebration. 

7th Grade will have a small celebration of learning Science in my room starting at 1:30. 

Have a very Happy Holiday Season


Week of December 12, 2011

This week will be a great week and we will be covering a great deal of things in both grade levels.

Parents we have 7 more days to winter break, we get out on December 21, 2011.

There will be a 6th grade celebration of learning on the 21st.  You can share what you can.  Thanks in advance.

The semester is coming to a close so each student should make sure that they have done their best, semester grades do stick.

Lets have a great week.

Week of December 5, 2011

Good week ahead, here is the information:

Two weeks and two days to Christmas Break

There will be a 6th Grade Celebration (my homeroom is responsible for bring the chips)

Both Grade levels (6th and 7th) will have test this week.

7th grade test will be on Wednesday and 6th grade test will be on Thursday

I will be out of my classroom on Thursday due to doing another assignment for the school.

If there is any concern I can be reached at bbieniemy@atlanta.k12.ga.us or you can call Mrs. Miller to set up a parent conference at 404-802-5600

****Homework for 6th Grade: eScience3000.com (due Friday December 9, 2011).  Unit 3, Chapter 3. Lessons 1 to 3 Mountain and Volcanoes

*****Homework for 7th Grade: eScience3000.com (due Wednesday 14, 2011).  Unit 3, Chapter 3 Plants, Chapter 4 Invertebrate Animals, Chapter 5 Vertebrate Animals 


Week of 11/28/2011

Hi to all hope your Thanksgiving break was Great!!

There is 3 weeks till Winter/Christmas break.  Still learning time.

6th Grade will have a test on Friday on Plate Tectonics

7th Grade will have a test on Classification

The quarter will end before we leave for the break, I will keep you posted.

If you need to schedule a parent conference you must call Mrs. Miller at 404-802-5600 for an appointment.  (she is now scheduling for January).

If is an emergency I can be reached at bbieniemy@atlanta.k12.ga.us (this method is quicker)

Class wish list: 

Kleenex, Copy paper, Glue Sticks, Color Pencils, Pencils, construction paper, markers


Week of November 14, 2011

Hi to all, I am back

We will be working hard this week.

I will be sending home progress reports on Monday, since I was out on Friday.

This is our final week before a week break for Thanksgiving, so me must focus.

I will be checking agendas and notebooks this week to see how the students are doing keeping up with notes and materials

The National Middle School Conference was great, I will be sharing great ideas with other teachers to help to continue to transform Sutton Middle School into not only the best middle school in Atlanta, or Georgia but the best middle school in the country.



Week of 11/07/2011

Hi all this will be a fun filled week.

Monday is a regular day of school

Tuesday students have the day off, it is a teacher work day

Wednesday the 6th graders are traveling to Tellus Museum

Thursday is Junior Achievement: Students will be in homeroom until 12:30

Friday we are back to normal, Good Friday.

***** Parents  I will be out on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to attend Middle School Transformation Conference in Kentucky

***** The substitute will be Mrs. Hudson for all three days.  Work will continue so that nothing in the areas of instruction will be lost.

any questions or need to communicate with me even during my absent just email me at bbieniemy@atlanta.k12.ga.us, I will be checking my emails daily.

Have a productive week.